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Our original chips have the perfect blend of potato and salt, and our BBQ kettle chips have the perfect blend of potato and BBQ. We don’t use any dye or bleach to change the appearance or taste of our potato’s –  you will see and taste the difference…AND ITS A FULL BAG!!!

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Hand crafted in the Midwest, we start the finest potato’s to craft our chips from. From there we slice and cook our kettle chips in small batches to get the best taste. Once the kettle chips are cooked, they are hand seasoned and sampled until they have the perfect flavor. After that, we stuff as many as we can into each bag and package them up for you to enjoy!

*At Full Of Chips, Inc. we strive to fill every bag full.  “Full” is stated ounces on bag of unbroken chips.  Depending on actual chip size, each bag can contain 25% more than stated ounces.  If you find a bag damaged, we will replace it at our discretion.

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Mix and Match

24 Bags (12 Reg / 12 BBQ) – $3.49ea, 40 Bags (20 Reg / 20 BBQ) – $2.99ea

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  1. admin (verified owner)

    Wow! These chips are soooooo good! They are super crunchy and don’t have the oily aftertaste you sometimes get from kettle chips…love em!!

  2. Dylan

    Love the advertisement, love the chips, love the FULL bag with minimal air…what more could you ask for? Chips done right, FINALLY!

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